The Natural Beauty of Shawnigan Lake

Shawnigan Lake: one of the most popular places on Vancouver Island to vacation in the warm summer months!

Looking to learn more about the natural beauty of Shawnigan Lake from people who live and work in the area? Then look no further: today, we here at Island Pharmacy’s Shawnigan Lake storefront are delivering our take on what exactly makes it so special!

Lake Shawnigan’s Walkable Shoreline

Stretching over seven kilometers long, the Shawnigan Lake shoreline features an array of wildlife, scenic lakeside views, and trails to delight hikers, dog walkers, and sunbathers alike.

Pack a picnic or embark on a journey through the nearby Trans Canada Trail, the world’s longest network of recreational trails.

The Nearby Kinsol Trestle

Looking for sky-high views of the natural beauty of the Shawnigan Lake area? If so, you’ll want to visit the Kinsol Trestle.

One of the largest and highest wooden trestle bridges in the world, the Kinsol Trestle was restored back to its original state back in 2011 all while retaining 60% of its historic timber– making it both the perfect viewpoint and the perfect history-related venture!

The Inviting Water of Lake Shawnigan

While scenic from land, nothing can beat exploring Lake Shawnigan from the water itself: whether it be swimming, paddleboarding, or boating, these crystal-clear waters are a summer go-to for a reason!

Whether it be for a family getaway or a romantic lakeside visit for two, Lake Shawnigan can’t be beat… and with its nearby village (where we’re located!), you will never be out of supplies or extra activities. They even have delicious craft ice cream, just up the road from us.

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