The Benefits of Veterinary Compounding for Your Furry Friend

Your pet is part of your family. That’s why Island Family offers all the benefits of veterinary compounding for your furry friend.

Read on for more info on what veterinary compounding is, what it can do for your pet, and, of course, how we here at Island Pharmacy are here to help.

What is Veterinary Compounding?

Veterinary compounding, also known as animal drug compounding, is the procedure of mixing, conjoining, or modifying ingredients to develop a medication that is specific to the needs of an individual animal or a small group of animals. Put into practice, these drugs can play a vital role in veterinary medicine.

Combined animal medications are made by pharmacists or veterinarians– and our Royal View Island Pharmacy location is proud to work with local veterinarians to compound ours in-house for your convenience.

The Four Types of Veterinary Compounding

The four types of veterinary compounding are transdermal gels, capsules, flavoured suspensions, and compounded tablets and chews. A transdermal medication is a gel or cream that has the active ingredient suspended.

Oral capsules have two purposes: the combination of several ingredients or the development of a new form of medication that is unobtainable. Contrary to other types of medications, the capsule may be easier to be taken orally by certain pets.

A flavoured suspension is a medication that has been altered to be tastier for the pet to consume. Chicken, beef, fish, peanut butter, and banana are all flavour enhancers that are well-liked by pets.

Compounded tablets and chews can also come in flavoured forms. Some are designed to melt on the tongue for pets who are too sick to swallow. Soft chews have a resemblance to treats, therefore making them easier to give than pills.

Examples of Compounded Medications for Your Pet

Pergolide mesylate can be compounded for any dosage prescribed by your veterinarian to treat the debilitating Equine Cushing’s. Capsules are routinely tested for dose accuracy and purity and provide a cost effective option to commercially made products with many dosing options. We ship across Canada.

Methimazole is normally used to treat cats who have hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid gland). This medication is used for the cat’s entire life unless their owners decide to go in the direction of radioiodine therapy or surgery.

Metronidazole is an antibiotic that treats bacterial and parasitic infections. Most commonly, the aforementioned infections are found within the gastrointestinal (GI) and reproductive tracts. It has an unpleasant bitter taste. Many pets are given a compounded form of this drug in capsule, flavoured suspension, or flavoured chew forms.

Prednisolone is an anti-inflammatory drug used to treat autoimmune disorders and allergies, as well as other pet conditions. A large number of the diseases that need prednisolone treatment are long-lasting in nature. Therefore compounding provides easy access for long-term dosing.

Potassium bromide medication is an anti-seizure medicine that helps to control epilepsy in dogs and cats. Available in tablet and liquid form, some pet parents opt for the compounded liquid suspension form due to its administering convenience.

Learn More About What Veterinary Compounding Can Do for Your Pet

Have more questions about veterinary compounding and how it can benefit your pet? Give us a call today or stop by in person at your local Island Pharmacy for your furry friend’s healthcare.


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