What is pharmaceutical compounding?

Compounding (otherwise known as “medication compounding” or “drug compounding”) is the professional process of combining or altering prescription or over the counter ingredients to create medication that is tailored to the needs of an individual patient. By definition, compounding typically includes the combining of two or more medications or changing the way drugs are delivered into our body.

As a compounding pharmacy, we offer the following benefits:

    • Personalized medications for people with allergies or aversions to dyes or ingredients found in commonly-prescribed medications 
    • Provide patients specific dosages of medication, rather than adhering to the standard 50mg, 250mg, 300mg, 400mg, and 500mg doses typically prescribed
    • Added convenience to patients who cannot swallow standard prescriptions (or who struggle to remember multiple prescriptions) by combining their required medications into one easy-to-swallow capsule
    • Sourcing medications that may no longer be available commercially
    • Helping children digest or swallow their prescription by altering its formula
    • We also compound veterinary prescriptions for your horse, dog, cat

We offer our customers a service that most retail pharmacies can’t: a compassionate, highly personalized prescription service. Drawing from our extensive experience and training, we find answers to the questions you might be asking:

    • What side effects would you like to avoid?
    • What ingredients or dyes are you allergic to?
    • What types of medications are difficult to digest or swallow?

As Vancouver Island’s preferred compounding pharmacists, we can alleviate all of these concerns.

We pride ourselves on offering both Victoria and our surrounding Island communities the best in treatment, patient care, and health education.

Contact us to find out how a neighbourhood pharmacy can change your life.


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