Make Medication Manageable

The Karie automatic pill dispenser provides peace of mind by ensuring you – or your loved one – consistently receive the right amount of medication at the correct time.

How does Karie work?

We’ll work with you to develop an appropriate medication schedule, based on your habits and your doctor’s specifications. We add the appropriate medications into the Karie cartridge, which programs the unit to dispense the meds at the appropriate time.

At the appropriate time, the Karie dispenser will sound a pleasant chime and light signal to let you, or your loved one, know that the meds are ready and should be taken immediately. At the sound of the chime, you can press the flashing button to have the medications dispensed.

Smart Meds

The Karie unit is connected online, and will notify you, the caregiver or loved one, that the person you’re looking out for has received their meds. It’ll also track and notify you if the medication was taken too early, too late, or was missed altogether.

To learn more about how the Karie automatic pill dispenser can improve your life, contact us for a no-obligation consultation.