Your Questions About Compounding Pharmacies, Answered

What medications can be compounded in Victoria?

Serums, injectables, creams, lozenges, gels, suppositories, and capsules can all be compounded by your pharmacist.

How long do compounded medications last?

The lifespan of a compounded medication will vary significantly depending on their ingredients. Your pharmacist will provide you an overview of how long to expect yours to last.

Is there a difference between a compounding pharmacy and a regular pharmacy?

Yes. Although all pharmacists at pharmacies prepare prescribed medications for patients, only compounding pharmacies can customize medications via compounding.”

What does compounding drugs mean?

Compounding is when a licensed pharmacist creates personalized medications to meet a patient’s individual needs. This is done through receiving a prescription from a doctor, which a compounding pharmacist will then combine the required ingredients with to create a compounded medication.  

What are the most common reasons why medications need to be compounded?

Drugs may be compounded for patients who can’t be treated with a commonly manufactured prescription medication in Canada.

Compounding medication for elderly or young patients who cannot swallow traditional capsule-based medicine and instead need it in liquid form is also common.

Other reasons for a patient needing compounded drugs are those who are allergic to common medication ingredients or dyes.

Will my insurance cover compounded medication?

Please check in with your insurance ahead of visiting to ensure that you’re covered. Insurance coverage varies.

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