Your Introduction to Drug Compounding

“What is drug compounding, and how can it help me?”

As a 100% independently owned and operated healthcare company, we here at Island Pharmacy live to serve questions just like this. With nine locations to serve our customers (the owners of which are proud to give you and your family the personal care and attention of a community pharmacy), we love taking time out to help our patients understand the ins and outs of what we do (and how we do it!)

This article will provide your introduction to drug compounding, what it is, its benefits, and why we at Island Pharmacy offer it.

What is Drug Compounding?

Drug compounding, or pharmaceutical compounding, is the branch of science that is accountable for the conception of medication tailored to the needs of the patient. Combined medications are manufactured by the merging of individual ingredients in the precise strength and dosage form that is needed by the patient and their singular needs.

Licensed physicians, veterinarians and other prescribers are responsible for ordering compounded medications, which must be combined in a safe and controlled environment by a licensed compounding pharmacist.

What Are the Benefits of Drug Compounding?

Now that we’ve learned what drug compounding is, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of drug compounding. Drug compounding makes the process of using and taking medications easier on the patient.

Some medications have a nasty taste or are hard to take, which makes it hard for them to be taken as advised. Children, elderly patients, and pets are all very particular about taking medications, and a compounding pharmacist can customize your prescribed medications in the flavour of your choice, making things easier for everyone.

Compounding pharmacies offer services that larger pharmacy chains can’t or won’t. This is done by getting to know their patients and learning about their medical needs.

Another benefit of compounding pharmacies is that they have the ability to make your medications allergy-friendly. Dyes, flavourings, lactose, gluten, alcohol and more are ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction or sensitivity in traditional medications. A pharmacy that offers drug compounding services is able to make the prescription without any of the ingredients listed above, thus giving the patient the ability to take their medication safely without incident.

Pharmacy compounding also permits patients to access medications that are difficult to find or have been discontinued. Pharmacy compounding is an important ally to have in your corner, as the pharmacists can copy the medication and ensure that you continue to have the benefits of the prescription.

Finally, what works for one person for dosage form may not work for another. Compounding pharmacists can make your medications in the form of pills, liquids or creams.

Why Island Pharmacy is Proud to Offer Drug Compounding?

All of our Island Pharmacy locations are run by pharmacists who live in the community. Our teams are made up of local pharmacists to ensure that we are providing the most personalized care possible. We have your best interests at heart and have a genuine passion for helping you and your family, our neighbours, get the healthcare you need and deserve.

Learn More About What Drug Compounding Can Do for You Today

The areas of pain management, dermatology, pediatric medication, travel needs, and podiatry have become very popular in the compounding prescriptions department. Contact us today to find out more about drug compounding in Victoria and set your mind at ease.

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