How Island Pharmacy Helps Caregivers

As an independently owned and operated business, we here at Island Pharmacy offer expert up-to-date advice, health care knowledge, and personalized patient care. We are proud to offer COVID vaccinations, flu vaccines in flu season, travel vaccines, and routine public health vaccinations such as tetanus, in addition to filling prescriptions.

What can we do to help caregivers in the communities of Vancouver Island?

Drug Compounding Options

Drug compounding is the practice of mixing drugs to meet the needs of patients. Customized medications are developed by compounding individual ingredients in the precise strength and dosage needed by the patient and their own distinctive needs.

Compounding is used to help patients get the medication they need and how they need it. For some patients, their needs entail a specific non-essential ingredient to be removed from their medication for the prevention of an allergic reaction, while other patients need compounded medication to obtain the exact dosage that meets their own particular.

Compounded medications can be provided in capsules, cream base form, syrup or solution. These different forms make the administering of the medications easier. Pharmacists can, for example, use compounding to change the taste and colour of medications to make them more pleasant and appealing to take. … all of which can be used to help caregivers by being able to provide their dependents with medications that are tailored to their unique needs and comfort levels.

Island Pharmacy does custom veterinary compounding as well.

Island Pharmacy’s At-Home Medication Apps

To make the process of giving medications at home easier, Island Pharmacy supplies KARIE: an automated medication assistance machine.

KARIE offers independence to individuals, peace of mind to family members, provides caregivers with reliable, dependable support, and better services for those who work in retirement living.

KARIE also assists caregivers by relieving them of the need to remind patients to take their medication. The pills are organized in pre-filled pouches with the exact dose, and delivers each pouch at a set time so there’s no confusion or worry about forgetting to take a pill. It even comes equipped with a pleasant chime to remind you when it is time to take a dose.

Your role as a caregiver is essential. Let us help you make it easier.

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