All About Lake Cowichan

Lake Cowichan is the home of two of our nine Island Pharmacy locations– and to say we’re proud to be the community’s preferred pharmacists would be an understatement!

Today, our topic is all about Lake Cowichan… and what makes it such a special place to live and work.

#1: Lake Cowichan: Vancouver Island’s Best-Kept Secret

Hailed as “Vancouver Island’s best-kept secret”, Lake Cowichan’s village was incorporated in 1944 and is situated 27 kilometers west of Duncan. The Cowichan River itself is designated as a heritage river.

Now clocking in at a population of 3000 people in the village alone, the Lake Cowichan area is tight-knit and community-driven… which Island Pharmacy is grateful to be a part of!

You can visit Lake Cowichan through Duncan from Vancouver, Victoria, and Nanaimo, and if you’re interested in doing the Circle Route, you can get here via Sooke and Port Renfrew.

#2: We’re Just One of the Many Businesses That Keeps the Community Strong

While Island Pharmacy plays a crucial role in medication compounding, prescription refills, and home health care services, we are just one of the many businesses that keeps the community of Lake Cowichan strong.

Our neighbors include:

#3: Its Natural Beauty is Unparallelled

Surrounded by Honeymoon Bay, Mesachie Lake, and Youbou, Cowichan Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes on Vancouver Island– and is the one with the easiest access to lakes that are equally beautiful and family-friendly!

Swim, kayak, paddleboard, boat, or “lazy river” your way across Lake Cowichan… or hike around its borders to enjoy its scenery from dry land.

Our pharmacists love nothing more on their days off than to take a picnic to Lake Cowichan on a hot day and enjoy its cooling breeze!

Experience the Beauty (and Community!) of Lake Cowichan Today

Make this season the one where you fall in love with Lake Cowichan, just like we here at Island Pharmacy have.

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