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COVID-19 and Flu Vaccination 2022

Book your appointment at GetVaccinated.gov.bc.ca – or call 1-833-838-2323

Your Vaccine Appointments cannot be booked by calling the Pharmacy – Book your appointment online or call the phone number for assistance

Compound the Best of Community Care and Medical Advice at Island Pharmacy

When you step into an Island Pharmacy, you can expect a truly exceptional experience: expert medical advice and health care knowledge, personalized patient care, and a deep dedication to serving our communities.

Why? Because we are the Island’s most accessible health care provider, and we’re here to answer your questions and meet your health care needs. We live and work in your community, and we offer preferred pharmacy compounding services throughout Vancouver Island.

At Island Pharmacy, we are 100% independently owned and operated. We provide you and your family with the attention and reliability you’ve come to expect from a community pharmacy.

Proud to be a trusted
part of your community

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have maintained our regular hours and pride ourselves on being one of the most accessible health providers on Vancouver Island. It was important to our teams that we be here for you when you need us most. Thank you for trusting us with your family’s health and wellbeing.

Island Pharmacy - Online Prescription Refills

With 8 locations north of the Malahat and our compounding pharmacy in View Royal, there's an Island Pharmacy ready to serve you when you need us.

If you have a prescription to refill, please complete our secure form and we'll get the process started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a compounding pharmacy and a regular pharmacy?

While both types of pharmacies prepare medications for patients that are prescribed by their doctors, only compounding pharmacies can customize medication based on a patient’s specific needs.

What is drug compounding?

Compounding is the act of creating personalized medications to meet the unique needs of an individual patient. This is done with a customized prescription from a doctor, nurse practitioner, veterinarian, or naturopathic health provider. Our compounding pharmacy will then make by hand to meet the prescription requirements for your treatment choices.

Why should I have my meds compounded?

Drugs may be compounded for patients who can’t be treated with medication routinely made by drug manufacturers in Canada. As well, patients of any age who cannot swallow medication may have it changed into a different formulation, either topical or liquid, to effectively deliver the medication into your body. Veterinary medication for horses, dogs, cats, birds are routinely made to order.

Frequent reasons for a patient needing compounded drugs are those who are allergic to common medication ingredients or dyes.

Will my insurance cover compounded medication?

Although some insurance may cover compounded medication, others may not. Please check in with your insurance ahead of visiting to ensure that you’re covered.

Island Pharmacy

Vancouver Island’s Community Pharmacy

We don’t just work in the communities of Vancouver Island – we live in them. We’re your neighbours and friends, and we’ll help you find what you need to feel better quickly.

Pharmacy expertise when you need it, where you need it.

No matter which island community you call home, we have a store near you. 

Island Pharmacy Mill Bay

845 Deloume Road, Mill Bay, BC
p. 250-743-4421
f. 250-743-8897

Island Pharmacy - Southshore Lake Cowichan, BC

138 Southshore Road
p. 250-749-3141
f. 250-749-4315

Island Pharmacy - Cobble Hill

26-1400 Cowichan Bay Road, Cobble Hill, BC

p. 250-743-1448
f. 250-743-1480

Island Pharmacy - Festubert Street, Duncan

330 Festubert St, Duncan, BC
p. 250-746-7494
f. 250-746-7493

Island Pharmacy - Kenneth Street, Duncan

192 Kenneth St, Duncan, BC
p. 250-746-4680
f. 250-746-4682

Island Pharmacy - Lake Cowichan Village

62 Cowichan Lake Road
p. 250-749-0149
f. 250-749-7219

Island Pharmacy Location on Gabriola Island

Island Pharmacy - Gabriola Island

575 N Road #13, Gabriola, BC
p. 250-247-8310
f. 250-247-8313

Island Pharmacy - Shawnigan Lake

1769 Shawnigan, Shawnigan Lake, BC
p. 250-743-6977

Island Pharmacy Victoria

Island Pharmacy - View Royal

284 Helmcken Road #106, Victoria, BC
p. 250-881-8887
f. 250-881-1210

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